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Thursday Opening – back from summer hols…

By September 6, 2017 April 29th, 2019 No Comments

We’ve had a fab summer here on the farm, busy harvesting, planting, sowing… feeding hungry farmers in fields at 8pm with 20 minutes warning…. Over the years I’ve learnt to cook for 12 most days & have a cake on the go every other. My Banana Loaf is a winner every time, and one I can now bake with my eyes closed! There has been many a failed cake, but farmers seem to take the lop-sided / burnt cakes in their stride! The kids & I drive through corn fields handing out plates of lasagne to smiling faces…

But now harvest is almost done, kids are back at school.. its time to Open my little shed every Thursday 10am til 3pm, or by appointment. I have lots of new treasures to dazzle you…  I will be attending fairs through Autumn and will keep you posted to where I am out and about.. I love this time of year, Autumn colours are so creative….

Hannah x

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