Christmas Table Arrangement Workshop at Home


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Christmas Table Arrangement Workshop at Home , make your own Christmas Table Arrangement from home. We will send everything you need to your door, and you will receive an email with a pre-filmed tutorial of how to make it.

How it Works:

Boxes are sent to your doorstep, the tutorial is sent to your inbox.

Boxes will be delivered via Royal Mail Next Day Delivery Service to arrive with you either on Saturday 19th December.

Please advise if you require another date.

The boxes contain everything you need for your arrangement – a container, an oasis block, floral scissors, flower food, all flowers and greenery, ribbon, pine cones and a pillar candle.

First step is to unpack your box as soon as you can after it arrives. The flowers and greenery will need to re-hydrate as they have been out of water in transit. So re-cut the stems with the scissors and place in a bucket of water, pop the flower food supplied in your bucket (Bucket not included). Leave your bucket somewhere cool & dark for approx 12 hours.

The Next Day – make yourself a space at the kitchen table, get the film ready to watch and off you go!

Hannah will lead you through all the steps, with hints and tips. The advantage of the film is you can pause, re-wind if needed. Stop to make a coffee, then carry on!

This is a great gift for someone, or for yourself.



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