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Foraged Flower Wreath

Make a Foraged Flower Wreath..

All materials were found either in my garden or if you haven’t a garden and you’re out walking at the moment you should be able to gather a few bits n’ bobs from hedgerows and trees…


Lengths of willow / thin branches

String or Wire




Flowers / Blossom


The base is made from willow branches, but any branch as along as its green and soft so it bends easily without breaking will do – by branch I mean long (1 metre-ish) lengths of thin branch. Trim off so you have clean lengths to work with, I left a few green shoots at the ends.

To start twist one branch around another along the length, then add another a bit further down and twist, then another… tie with string if you are finding it difficult. So now you should have a 3 metre-ish length of twisted willow.

Now form a circle, I used a bucket as a template.Once you have the size twist around the circle. Tie in places if you need to.

This is now your base… You can use this time & time again.

p.s I left mine on the bucket in the sun for a few hours to set…



Ok now to forage…. Find anything you can. Ideally moss, ferns, blossom, flowers, bulbs, a feather or two?






I found moss in my lawn… yep need a lawn treatment!

Pull up a few handfuls without leaving holes in your lawn. Pop in a bucket, cover with water and soak overnight.


Flowers & Foliage:

When using any foliage or flowers it’s important to ‘condition’ them before you use them – to give them the longest life possible.

‘Conditioning’ Flowers simply means placing in water & feeding – Cut stems as at angle, trim off excess leaves and place in a bucket or large vase of room temperature water for 24 hours. Top Tip – flowers dont like cold water! If possible add flowers food – or make your own with lemon juice, bleach and sugar… The aim is to get as much water into the stem before we use it in the wreath. Leave the vase or bucket in a cool, dark place for 24 hours.



I found Eucalyptus, Blossom, Hebe, Ferns, Honeysuckle and Ivy in a hedge, hellebore, a few random shrubs I have no idea what they are… and I dug up a little clump of bluebell bulbs. For bulbs rinse off the soil & leave in a bowl of shallow water for a couple of hours.



Making the Wreath:

Start with the attaching the wet moss to the wreath – this will give moisture to our flowers. Its not as effective as oasis but its organic and natural, the best option! Simply grab a handful of wet moss and squash onto the willow frame, tie in place. With a long piece of string wind over the moss as you keep adding it until the frame is covered. Add a hanging tie with string to the top.

Next start to add your foliage – every time you work on the wreath, work in a clockwise direction. This will create a sense of ‘rhythm’ as you build the layers. Try and put the same foliage all the way around to create some balance. Simply push the stems into the moss…

Keep building layers until you are happy with the look… anything goes, its your expression….

And there you go, a Foraged Flower Wreath! Spritz with water to keep fresh….

Send me your photos, I’d love to see what you’re doing to keep busy. Use the hashtag  #littlebrickers on your posts & it’ll get to me…


Hannah x








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